logo.jpg (7241 bytes) LAYON™ Bass Drum triggers are available in two models, the HOOPMOUNT™ and the ECONOPAD™.  Both trigger beater surfaces are wide enough to accommodate a double beater pedal.

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is available in the following sizes:

20, 22 and 24 inch

The LAYON™ Drum Triggers HOOPMOUNT™ Bass Drum Trigger fits inside the hoop of an acoustic bass drum. The neoprene rubber ends of the assembly are compressed upon installation and snugly hold the HOOPMOUNT™ assembly inside the hoop. There is no other attachment hardware. The trigger is held away from the actual bass drum head by rubber spacers behind the rubber ends; the head is contacted only near the hoop, in three places, by these spacers. The HOOPMOUNT™ Bass Drum trigger is extremely quiet, acoustically and provides excellent bass drum triggering characteristics.

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The LAYON™ Drum Triggers ECONOPAD™ Bass Drum Trigger is attachable to an acoustic bass drum head with four Velcro® tabs. The loop side of the Velcro® tabs remain on the acoustic head, yet no audible acoustic affect results upon removal.

LAYON™ Bass Drum Triggers are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic composite (FRP) which produces even sensitivity across the entire surface.  These are the highest quality and the best playing acoustic drum set mounted bass drum trigger pads available anywhere.


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