logo.jpg (7241 bytes) LAYON™ Cymbal triggers mount on a standard cymbal stand; models shown include a rubber striking surface to reduce stick noise.  

Manufactured of fiberglass reinforced plastic composite, these triggers are structurally bullet proof!  With the action, feel and shape of  acoustic cymbals,  LAYON™ Cymbal triggers are a great addition to any drum set, electronic or acoustic.

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Available in following sizes: 

14, 16 and 18 inch

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The inch output jack enclosure is molded into the structural cymbal trigger, which will interface with all popular drum brain modules.

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Cymbal Triggers are manufactured out of structural fiberglass reinforced plastic composite (FRP).  They are molded as a cymbal shape to more accurately resemble the play and feel of acoustic cymbals.  The striking surface is die cut neoprene rubber and attached to the FRP shell using an aerospace grade epoxy adhesive. This structural bond and resulting laminate contributes to the fast decay of ultrasonic resonance, thereby reducing false and double triggering.    Competitively priced, these cymbal triggers will out perform any similar, single zone cymbal trigger available.


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