logo.jpg (7241 bytes) LAYON™ Drum Triggers lay on the head of the your acoustic drums, fit inside the rim, mute the acoustic sound, provide a inch output and interface with all popular drum brain modules.
The acoustic resonant output is reduced significantly, resulting in a quiet acoustic drum set.   The remaining acoustic tonality resembles the tuning and function of the drum that the LAYON™ is sitting upon.   A snare sounds like a snare and a tom sounds like a tom.

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Available in any size:

10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18

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Drum Triggers are manufactured incorporating an ABS plastic  shell which produces even sticking sensitivity across the entire surface. This is due to the high performance ultrasonic properties of the ABS. The striking surface is neoprene rubber and attached to the ABS shell using 3M aerospace grade adhesives. This structural bond and resulting laminate contributes to the fast decay of ultrasonic resonance, thereby reducing false and double triggering.  In english, these trigger pads are excellent.

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Drum Triggers are sold individually or bundled as a kit called the "Basic Five." The "Basic Five"  includes four trigger pads: 12", 13", 14" and 16" and one ECONOPAD™ Bass Drum Trigger. The "Basic Five" is also available with the  HOOPMOUNT™ Bass Drum Trigger.
These  are the highest quality, the lowest priced and the best playing acoustic drum set mounted trigger pads available anywhere.

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