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™  Drum Triggers
are meticulously manufactured, one at a time, using common composites technology,
that works great!

LAYON Drum Triggers

Conditional Money Back Guarantee

It is my opinion that the LAYON™ Drum Triggers product line provides the most value compared to any other electronic triggering pad or system currently available.  If you are not completely satisfied with your LAYON gear, you may return the product for refund.  This Money Back promise is limited to the following conditions:

1. You purchased the products direct from Linear Solutions Corporation, or  LAYON™ Drum Triggers.

2. Your return shipment is postmarked no later than five calendar days after you received the product.

Upon meeting these conditions, your refund will be reduced from your original total acquisition price, by the following amounts:

1. The total of all Linear Solutions Corporation or LAYON™ Drum Triggers paid delivery charges including: freight, duties, and any other delivery fees.

2.  $50 for handling and refurbishing. 

Your refund will be processed upon receipt of the returned product.  Payment will be credited in the same manner in which it was received by Linear Solutions Corporation or LAYON™ Drum Triggers.

Linear Solutions Corporation cannot accept responsibility and therefore is not responsible for lost or damaged return shipments.  It is your responsibility to properly package the product and to track and expedite the product's return.  Refunds will not be credited for lost or damaged returned product.

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