logo.jpg (7241 bytes) Designed for use with the Alesis® D4, DM5 or the DM Pro, the LAYON™ Hi-hat Trigger Assembly is intended to use existing acoustic drum set hardware for support and
positioning.   The Hi-hat Trigger Assembly fits on any hi-hat stand.  When interfaced with any of the Alesis® drum modules, a momentary switch produces these triggering affects: open, closing and closed.  

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Three affects are provided by the Hi-hat Trigger Assembly: one from the LAYON™ Cymbal Trigger, included; one from the piezo transducer, located in the lower half of the assembly and one from the momentary switch, located in the lower assembly.
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The top half of the LAYON™ Hi-hat assembly includes the clutch which, as with all hi-hats, carries the hi-hat cymbal. The velocity sensitive closing beater is also carried by the hi-hat clutch. The lower half of the assembly includes: a roller switch to signal the drum brain whether or not the hi-hat is closed or open and also encloses the transducer which signals the drum brain of the closing event's velocity.

The LAYON™ Hi-hat Assembly is manufactured from structural fiber glass reinforced plastic composite and 5/8" steel plate. The steel components are chrome plated to prevent corrosion and to maintain a quality appearance.

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