logo.jpg (7241 bytes) LAYON™ Piezo Ceramic Tranducers are offered for those of you who intend to manufacture your own triggering systems. 

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™ Piezo Ceramic Tranducers consist of a high quality piezo ceramic element encapulsulated within a high density polyester resin which is ideal for triggering applications.

These tranducers prodvide superior voltage output and sensitivity as compared to any other Piezo Ceramic Tranducer.

For those of you who intend to  build your own trigger pads.

Some versions of the LAYON™ Piezo Ceramic Transducers
include a 4" lead and a 1/4 inch output jack.

$14.99 each

Other types available, starting at $5.00 each

email me at  info@layon.com

Prices do not include freight and other shipping charges

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