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LAYON Drum Triggers do just what the name implies, lay on the drummer's acoustic set; there is no mounting or attachment hardware required.  The result is a reliable, velocity sensitive, electronic trigger kit that triggers as well or better than any stand alone electronic drums on the market today.  There is no need to play 8" drums; with LAYON Drum Triggers you get a full sized striking surface, positioned where you want it, just like your acoustic set.  This product has evolved from several revisions of product improvement resulting in an economically priced and high performing trigger kit that is built to last and guaranteed.  Starting with the rubber striking and mounting surfaces, to the uniform ABS transducer, to the aerospace grade adhesives and the high quality electronic components, I spare no expense in bringing you what I believe are the finest products of their kind.  This product is inexpensive, not cheap and with no mounting or suspension hardware required. LAYONDrum Triggers are intended for musicians who already own a drum set.  Lay them on your kit, access your digital sounds, lay-down your MIDI tracks, perform quiet gigs, or practice without disturbing others; LAYON Drum Triggers mute the acoustic sound.  When you’re finished, simply take them off.  They lay-on and come off again in seconds.   Check the price, this the best deal, anywhere.

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